But Before I go to Bed...... Gutenberg! What do you guys think?

Yes, the Big scary GutenMonster, or Creative space saving Angelic being.

What do the experienced WP dev types here think it will mean to Themes , Templates (since PG has a WHOLE bunch WP functionality (that I still haven’t got to grips with successfully) and the Future of WP as it is under the lead of beneficial Dictator Matt Mullenweg… oh sorry, I mean…er… the community … apparently.

Also, as well as that what do you think of other Alternatives?
both old and new knee jerk reaction ones such as

Classic Press?

Will they save it do you think or die out , or this is all just a little storm in a tea cup?
IS it worth going with ClassicPress, Or is Gutenberg a damned fine development for NEW SITES
NOT… retrofitting it and annihilating old sites.

Ok bed for me now, lets see who thinks what about this and PineGrow Devs… does this really MATTER?
To the way PineGrow works? or is it a total Head ache for you guys?

And Pinegrow’s WP Functionality?
Ive been pondering this for some time and been waiting to see the discussion on here but weirdly it hasn’t happened.


Now it is :slight_smile:

@schpengle you don’t have to use Gutenburg, you can choose to stick with the default editor. Here’s a nice write up about how to do it. Disable Gutenburg and use Classic Editor.

Yeah cheers, it looks like the Classic editor plugin will be available till something like 2022.
I will read your link now, cheers boyo :slight_smile:
About to eat. wow, finally started sorting my house out a bit.
Its amazing what having to re house someone else 3D Printer can bring about…

…for now…

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