Error : EPERM ready to use wordpress

Wanted to try the ready-to-use WordPress test site. I am getting this error while trying to import the theme.
Highly likely this is not related to PG, but if anyone has encountered this error message… Thanks.

@red-rosefields Please, have a look at this message:

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That worked! thanks a lot.

What’s the chances of that?
Twice in one day!

The chances were multiplied because we just talked about this topic (ready-to-use WordPress test site) in our latest newsletter :wink:

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Well, might that not be a good place to link to this info then, say below the High Sierra issue, if you’re going to possibly be inundated with support calls for this issue?

And is there another setup too, different environments?

Yes, I know that the Flywheel thing is a sort of Beta testing of fw+pg and is free -but not much use if it doesn’t work.
I was on High Sierra during my tryouts of Flywheel and their cludge of creating extra sites as ones were hanging didn’t work for me,and I always have enough problems getting stuff done with pg and playing with bugs and such fun stuff and so am loathe to start that process with yet another buggy app so ditched fw and so therefore all PG WP dev for some time.

I’d like to try again though, just fw wasnt fit for purpose on my OS at the time.

Might try again with Catalina OS, but FW is also a pretty huge bloat for what it does,compared to say



Mamp Pro

AAMPS by Softaculous

Native apache/mysql/php etc

On various OS’s


localhost edits + alternatives for other os’.- just for using with the above Native local hosting options



I know, that’s a lot of head work there with a squillion permutations but it would be nice/Great to see what else others use for their environments.

That’s without the whole docker thing…
And what looks like the new kid on the block


Which is based on Docker
But again, look at those resources! Jesus! 5-10 GB and 2010 hardware (mac) for MMU support etc?

Flywheel seems like a great free option, but its buggy, didn’t work, bloated and if you actually want to use flywheel to PUSH you site to a server then

*Features currently supported for Flywheel and WP Engine customers. Request a host here.

So you’rde paying $20 a month to use that FREE feature, as-
… it only works with thier WP Engine hosting!!

SO, you have to buy NEW expensive WP Engine hosting, in order to use this FREE feature, even if you’ve already got your own hosting setting up somewhere else?

mmm…no thanks.

SO EVEN though it’s included in their “free” version, you cant actually use it!
Unless you have their and ONLY their hosting.

MAMP Pro can do the push with ANY hosting …although I will admit, the older versions I used…were a bit buggy with thier One Click Installers -ie, for Wordpress etc.-and sometimes just didnt work at all!

So yes!

Just wondering about some other PG/WP installation dev methods as for myself

Wasnt an option as it just didn’t work, nor the suggested workarounds.