Error syntax is there a way to disable this?

You guys, I’m aware that my code might not be perfect but if it’s been tested and proofed as an an html say for an esp it works fine, I’ve been annoyed by this where Pinegrow doesn’t let move me forward and keeps bugging me about this syntax error, if I want to remove something from the code.

Hi @PeteB
No, sorry. There isn’t an easy way to turn this feature off. It may be annoying for small HTML errors, but for larger ones you could actually break the functionality of Pinegrow. The newest release of Pinegrow might make editing buggy code a little easier.

I noticed as a result of this error there are no undos, let’s say the document has this error and I apply a change. For example, let’s say I want to find and replace a specific word in the code editor while it does prompt me to apply and ignore, I can’t undo change. This is a big problem, You guys need to figure out a way to completely ignore this syntax error. No other program has this error, Atom, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, various other email platforms no one has this. Shame what a great app.

Hi @PeteB,
Like I said before, having malformed HTML might break aspects of Pinegrow’s function. I had forgotten the @Emmanuel wrote this great article. How to use valid W3C documents to maximize your experience with Pinegrow | Pinegrow Web Editor

Apologies, It’s not malformed, your editor is malformed. I just checked with another wysiwig editor called bluegriffon and it doesn’t do this. I still think your app has a good shot at being number 1 among the 3 them being Dreamweaver, BlueGriffon, Atom but instead of fixing the app you blame the user with questionable code.

You need go back to the drawing board and remove this syntax error asap do something so no one sees this.

Hi @PeteB,
We would love to be able to see your code in order to potentially fix any problems without application. Could you provide us with a copy of your project, please? If you compress it and add it to a site like WeTransfer we could look into this.