Exclude CSS rule in Pinegrow

Hey, is there a way to exclude certain CSS rule from working in the builder? So it works on the website but NOT in Pinegrow.

Something like:

body:not(.pinegrow-editor-wrapper-or-something) div {
    background: red;

So the div is red on the actual website and NOT red in Pinegrow?

Surely you’ve already got what you want with the data-empty-placeholder attribute.

            <div data-empty-placeholder></div>
        <section class="bg-blue-400 dark:bg-yellow-400" data-empty-placeholder> 
            <div class="h-20 p-6"> 
                <h1 class="text-6xl">Heading</h1> 

In Pinegrow this looks like this:

but in the browser it looks like this:

I should have been more specific, sorry… My CSS rule is just an example. I want to apply some CSS only on the actual website and not apply it in Pinegrow builder.

No need to apologise, I ought to have realised that you probably had a more specific use case in mind.

Don’t know the answer off the top of my head but have you checked the api documentation, there might be a clue there.