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Hi, I’m currently using Bootstrap Studio, and there is possible to create a component and export it as a component file, with bss extention, so I can only click on it and it will be add to my library, carryng css, scss and js files. I’m trying to do this in Pinegrow, but it doens’t work, I saved as a Html snippet and save the library, it generates a Js file, but when I import in another computer, it only carry the HTML, theres any way I can generate a file, or even a package, that carry all the css, js, scss I need?

Hi Arthur welcome to the Pinegrow Forum.

I guess it must be possible. See in the “Top Menu”, the section “Components” and “Edit Resources”.
There you have the option to add the resources you need/want (CSS/JS/Images, etc).

Or select from the “Project Panel”, right mouse click on a file and choose “Components - Add to resources”.

I assume that those files are added to the “Library JS file”, but if it are only references to those file locations then they are going to point to nowhere when you transfer and import only the “Library JS file” on another computer.

See also this old(er) documentation page (there is no updated docs about this feature for current version), it’s for v2, but the pricipal is still the same for a library with components. Maybe this gives you a better insight how this feature is working in Pinegrow. Look also at section “Component library resources”.

The user @benhanna is having a site with plugins and templates for Pinegrow.
Those templates are actually libraries with Components and are bundled with custom CSS/JS and images. So it seems it must be possible to make a library with those components which you can export and import and maintain the needed resources.

Maybe @benhanna can tell and explain more/better how this is exactly working!
(Sorry Ben, I hope you don’t mind I tagged you).

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Hi @Marf thanks for the welcome and thanks so much for the answer, I already been successfull creating the component, but it still saved without the files I need, but with your answer I have an Idea of how can I achieve this. I’ll try here and post a reply as soon as I can!

Thanks so much again!

@ArthurOliv Btw there are a few free block packs available on the site I mentioned, you can download them to see how they are constructed and build. And see how the resources are added / bundled / configured. Maybe it can help you to understand and find some clues how you can achieve to add the resources (the best way).

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@Marf I tried doing this, I generate the component in Components/Define Comp. Then I create an empty folder, add as a project folder and import the component I created, by going to manage frameworks and plugins, so far it goes perfect. When I drag the component to the page, the js, images and css are imported to the project folders, but the path it’s wrong, so those files can’t be found. The same happen when I import one of the libraries you send me!
Maybe there’s some kind of bug with the software. I’m using the 7 days try out license. I’ll try to install again!

Thanks so much.

@ArthurOliv I found the following, maybe it’s related to the issues you described with “wrong paths”.

You could install the prior version Pinegrow v5.6 (you can use the same trial license to activate) and see if it would work with that version.

Maybe @Emmanuel or @matjaz can confirm these issues with Pinegrow v5.7, and tell you more about when a fix will be released.

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@Marf Thanks so much again for the help! I’ll try to use the 5.6 version, and see if works!
I guess soon they must fixed that problem.

You lost/spend some time because of the current problems with the url paths. If needed you can email Pinegrow support (they are nice people), and they can extend your trial period a bit longer, when you want/need some more time to explore Pinegrow.