Feedback needed on Pinegrow WooCommerce integration

I’m already using PG for Woo sites… other than smart actions I’m not sure how else PG can benefit Woo.

Woo updates their templates pretty often so that is one thing to consider if you end up using PG to override Woo templates. For stability, it’s best if we go after the filters/hooks as much as possible.

  • I override Woo layouts with BS classes to keep the site uniform.
  • Changing the cart/checkout would be huge but the way Woo is set up makes it very difficult to do that without overriding the template

Here is a video of the work-in-progress on Woo builder. Please take a look and give feedback.


Wow! That prototype already has more functions that I dreamed off :heart_eyes: It’s great how well thought out the implementation is. Follow that path to the end and PG WC will be great to easily develop really custom WC shops!


Looks awesome good job!
Can’t wait until I can take it for a spin.
I find it a bit hard to come with feedback without playing around with it myself but what I see in the video looks awesome and just as I imagine it would look.

I simply wanted to chime in after rewatching the PGWC demo video several times now and can honestly say I find zero faults in its implementation. It’s already saving my workflow an enormous amount of time now that I know what’s coming and has allowed for me to focus on other important areas of context within my site build like e-commerce Policies, Terms & Conditions and other legal related content until the new PGWC integration shows up. My site design plan will eventually utilize PG-Interactions-SVG/CSS-WC that upon checkout will automatically inform the warehouse to ship product orders to consumers.

I’m extremely grateful for this implementation because it will allow me to greatly streamline my workflow by reducing virtually all WP/WC tools on my Mac outside of Pinegrow. This will certainly reduce the need for bloated WP/WC plugins and deliver the A-Z workflow I’ve always dreamed of once it fully realizes the product to checkout process that so many other external web editor apps are missing worldwide. This is returning my confidence and motivation.


Thank you all! A quick update: WC integration is progressing well. The plan is to share the beta version with you later this month (Feb).