Find my license expiration date?

what do I click on the PG interface to find my license expiration date?

Hello @kat

At any time, you can check your license status, upgrade (add missing options) renew etc… by going HERE.

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Do I qualify to upgrade to PG 7 as my license expires end of 2023?

@kat The rule is pretty simple: If you own a Pinegrow license, whatever your plan, subscription or one time payment, as long as your license is ACTIVE > uninterrupted payment for subscriptions OR free updates status is Ok (a date in the future > AFTER the date of availability of the update) for one time payment : you can receive our updates without having to pay any extra dime.

Otherwise, you will have to subscribe again OR renew to receive our updates.


Yippee, now to watch all the new PG videos. I’ll update my subscription in the summer.