My acct expiration AND how to renew?

How do I find out when my PG payment expires? I think it expires 2020-12-5. Cannot figure out how to renew the ‘Special Offer: UP TO 50% OFF all Pinegrow editions & renewals of one-time payment licenses.’

I emailed support a couple days ago and no reply

Hello Kat,

​Summer time :sun_with_face:, mojitos :cocktail: and tapas :canned_food:
Don’t worry, we are still here for you!

​Here is the way to check the situation of your one time payment license:

Just login to with your license data and you will find all the details about your license including our current discounted renewal offer.


And I have just created a FAQ entry for this one :slight_smile:

Best regards.

Did it! Is the right place for help?


Our expert team are here to provide assistance with specific Pinegrow features, billing and/or licensing issues.

Ask us a question or tell us about your problem and we’ll always endeavour to quickly find a solution for you. Your request will be processed by our support team and we’ll respond promptly after receipt.

While we sometimes respond to urgent messages on Saturdays and Sundays, we don’t offer 24/7 support and most of the time the Pinegrow support team – which is located in Europe (Timezone CEST or CET) – also enjoy well-deserved weekends.

Useful Tip : add our support email ( to your address book NOW so you will be able to receive our answers.

Makes sense. So on weekdays a few days to respond? Or is it better to put Qs here?

As a customer, the best way to get support for your license is to contact us by email.
We usually answer the same day or the next day (but we are human, sometimes it can take two days :))

It would be nice if that data (expiration) could be present in app. It would also benefit to have that shop link being a secure URL.