Fix the undo it has been broken since 2014!

I have been reporting how Undo is broken in Pinegrow since 2014.

Now i had a melt down and just reported it again.

After doing that, I had the idea to search if others had posted about it, or I just had gone mad.

OMG, this is all over the place, people write like:

“I am so afraid what PG will do when I type command-Z to Undo that it is completely unusable”
" I seem to be having some issues with cmd+z and also the history panel. I can’t seem to undo anything."
" Once I try to undo anything, its a it of a fail."
“The undo action breaks when you add any piece of code to the < head > < /head > Problem will trigger every single time, and when it triggers you cannot “Undo””
" When I edit one of the javascript (.js) files of my project in the code editor of pinegrow and choose Undo the changes made to the javascript file are not undone. "
“Then I decide to undo the change in the…”
" To prevent that, I clicked undo, undo, undo and so on, until there was nothing to undo anymore. I realized two things: the source css file from bootstrap, the original that came wit"
“text editors work instead of it undoing and re-doing text snippets in erratic fashion and in such a lossy way. This isn’t user error. It’s Pinegrow sucking at being a text editor.”
" I make a mistake then click on the undo one time… ALL the work I have done is undone and redo doesn’t work."
". Oh, and Pinegrow now has an UNDO feature *like Ctrl +Z in most apps) BUT BE WARNED! I Find it buggy (and others) "
“Went to Undo, but the section won’t come back. All of the other functions that I did will undo, but not deleting a section. "
" I noticed as a result of this error there are no undos,”
"and undoing the delete action to restore the overlay container, not a lot of effort and I thought it worked quite well as long as you remember to undo! "
“Undo and redo: I can’t reliably reproduce this, but there have been occasions where something unexpected happens and I cannot undo it”
"The “undo-redo” feature is kinda half-baked as well, which doesn’t help things. "
"then if I deleted it, and select undo Cmd+z, PineGrow helpfully informs me nothing to undo and I cant add it back either! "
"I cancelled my subscription to pinegrow in Jan 2017 because of the undo bugs. Raj btw. undo bugs are still not fixed "

… and the list just goes on and on and on…