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Undo, Ctrl +Z still not working correctly/issues


Well as described really.

Just checking in on the current status of this as It’s quite problematic (Read… GAAAH!)

SO I have several pages open and editing the code on them.
Once I try to undo anything, its a it of a fail. SO, I close everything, not restarted Pinegrow and this is the results of one simple addition and attempting to undo.

…So then, after a few minutes biting the back of my seat in half… I restart Pinegrow and
LO! it is good.

SO note in both cases, I didn’t save the file first (much the same as when Opening from URL) and after restarting PG it looks like it is functioning as expected.
It appears that opening multiple pages and editing the code of each, sends PG into a tizzy sometimes, quite often.


so, let me know what you would like me to try out @earnoud or suchlike.

This is the state it ends up in after having several pages open with the code view open at the same time.
IF there is any avenue you are already exploring, or ones you would like me to check out (to save DRY… dont repeat yourself)

Let me know :slight_smile: