Undo is just full of bugs

I started reporting this in 2014!

Enter Pinegrow, existing project, edit some text, edit some other text, then some more… Now decide to step backwards with repeated Undo…

Chances are HIGH that one or more undo-steps are omitted from the undo stack of even such basic operations, resulting in a complete mess where some things are undone, yet others are untouched, rendering the entire page a complete mess.

It’s also of course a case for the more advanced operations such as editing .js files, HTML etc, but at least that’s in the deeper end of complexity, here I’m just talking about freaking basic text editing!

Undo has been highly troublesome for at least 6 years, I cannot believe it is so low prioritized, editing should be a no-fear process!

Hi @Frits,
I’m sorry that you feel we have been unresponsive to this. I must admit that in my usage, the undo hasn’t caused a lot of problems. I typically have the History panel open and can see exactly what changes are added to the list.
Did you know that you can click on previous history items to test what the undo will change?
For trouble-shooting purposes, can you point to a specific way that we can reproduce some of the problems you are experiencing? It really does help to have a specific example when trying to fix code.