[fixed] My project always loses styling when exported to WordPress

Currently, I’m working on a project for a client and I’ve noticed that every time I need to export the site, parts or even entire sections of the styling get lost. As a result, I always end up needing to use Ctrl+Z and then save again without exporting.

P.S.: I’ve already made sure there are no errors in the CSS, and I’m exporting the code with the CSS references.

Looks like it loses the style even before exporting, right?

Email your project to Pinegrow staff

@Plunky Hi, I just sent the email explaining what’s happening and the project. Thanks for the advice!!

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After reviewing the project, we discovered an issue in the style.css file that was causing erratic behavior during export.

We directly notified @musashixd via email, providing them with the necessary steps to correct the CSS file. Additionally, we took the opportunity to enhance Pinegrow so that this type of situation does not occur again. (The fix will be introduced in the next version of Pinegrow).

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