Free Block Kit(s) and Plugins

If anyone has 5 mins and wants to help me (and maybe others) build more, heres a link to a survey with a little reward at the end

HI there @benhanna, I will try and set some time aside for you tomorrow mate :slight_smile: I just got your email too, so will have a. bash at it for you. I might very well have to bash away at your fine plugins for a bit longer too, in order to better answer some stuff, as I have been pretty slack with alll things web flavoured, due to social/domestic stuff going on :frowning:

Ok, till soon :slight_smile:

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gah , things overtook me as per usual, now packing to go to Somerset to pick my stuff up after splitting with girlfriend. oh well.
but I should spend tomorrow doing web stuff! so, we shall see then :slight_smile:keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Button library plugin based on press css

Looks fab! yet again… Thanks for your time and your freebies (and your LURVE <3) for PG.

My life has yet again, gone slightly pear shaped, hence, now sat in a Library for the Internet with No Partner any more.
I shall be back on track in a bit… Honest!

Hi benhanna

I love your plugins. I bought the hamburger menu plugin and I’m having trouble adding additional menu items and making them slide in like the rest. What needs to be changed in the CSS of the additional items to make them animate like the previous items?


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@HookedHangman You left a support ticket for this right? I replied to it on the Did you not get any notification?

I updated the plugin so its easier to do this now by just duplicating the last list item. Just log in and download the plugin again and let me know on support if you still have any issues

I see you did reply. I completely missed it sorry. It’s been busy in my inbox recently.

Much appreciated for the response and the update. Thank you very much.

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Animate It for Pinegrow

Now you can add simple animations on user scroll to your projects with this free plugin based on css3animateit


Cool, this is something I need to check!
Thanks for doing the effort and building this!

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Now you can easily add lightbox and lightbox galleries in Pinegrow with just a few clicks with the free Pinegrow Lightbox plugin


Free? The price is definitely right… always problem I have had is free is lesser quality (usually), but seems that you’ve solved that problem by pulling plugins that aren’t up-to-par and need a face-lift.

This is a small advertising bump for all the great work you do.

I’m looking forward to some fun and relaxation once I get all of the work out of the way. Then I should be able to get down with what looks like an interesting time with PG.

re-upping this thread and adding my wishlist for more plain html-CSS options (without bootstrap or compliers).

things like nav bars and image galleries or even some simple website templates using PG master page features and CSS grid.

but free of any frameworks or language compliers (java scripts, ok).

PineGrow Plugin Sale, care of Our BenHanna :slight_smile:

here you go @Pervasive and …well, everyone else!
Our ben as a pretty awesome sale on for all (five) of his Premium Block sets.

there you go, a sale!

ah, well… seeing I just canceled my subscription with PG Web Editor, I don’t think I am in need of anything for the moment.

I rather enjoy my hand-coding VS Code setup, and quite honestly I didn’t have enough time to get through the PG WP Trial (that I started after my subscription).

Now if PG Editor goes on sale (as a one-off) sometime in the near future, I might probably grab me a copy for posterity sake.

But otherwise, subscriptions are so “modern”, and I’m just not the modern-desperate kinda’ guy!

You know you can get PG for a once off payment?

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Ah, yes, the temporary yearly plan.

Did you know that there was a sale recently for 25% off? …around Thanksgiving (historically) there is yet another sale for 50% off?

Handcoding is easy, and the results are immediately visible using VSCode, so I’m good as gold.

While PGS may be a good ways away, Thanksgiving is really right around the corner.

unless you live in the Uk…

oh no! NO sale for us :wink:

oh and you could even enjoy a little pretentious person lecture on this subject here look:

written by a retired teacher…with too much time on his hands obviously…
ummm…unlike myself of course… cough Cough

…of course you can celebrate!

It’s not so much Thanksgiving as it is Black Friday, etc. Just browse on over with a VPN just like your from America and buy something in USD.

I guarantee! Everyone in the USA is busy gaming or has their head so far buried in their cell phones that nobody would ever notice you snatching up a sale or three.

Besides, it’s just another reason to stay home from work and laze around and get fatter eating “healthy” foods and getting stuffed to the gills.

'cept might have a problem there… as last I checked, Pandas don’t have gills unless maybe they drive tractors underwater. Then of course, they would have to have gills, now wouldn’t they?

Yes! and a cyclopean Eyeball for 3d Surround vision, whilst driving via my Periscope…
I kind of stand out a bit in The Class of Sixty Something Panda school reunions and conventions…

…I always thought it was because of the tractor, but we might just have hit something on the head… just above the large, solitary eyeball… beautifully equidistant between the gills.

isn’t Evolution amazing?