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Full-screen image/carousel?


This is awesome, thanks! I’m GMT-5 (East Coast US)



Ok I’m 5 hours ahead of you so that should give us plenty of time to get this working.

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Allright… sure I’m missing something, because the STYLE.CSS panel isn’t appearing after adding .carousel-fullscreen, even though it appears that style.css has been successfully created, and that adding carousel-fullscreen worked.



Try restarting PG, if that doesn’t work try deleting the .carousel-fullscreen style and saving to see does the STYLE.CSS panel reappear or even the other way around!



Hmm… can’t get the panel to show up. In fact, when creating .carousel-fullscreen and .carousel.fade, style.css doesn’t show up in the Project panel until I right-click and reload my project, but still doesn’t show up in HTML.

Tried clearing the cache & restarting, too, but no luck.

Seems like a bug - should I report? (Will try restarting my computer first)



No difference after restart.

I suspect the next recommendation might be a re-install?



Try opening the url in Pinegrow I posted of my example and see if it works properly.



just for your info, It’s opened up ok in my Pinegrow. I guess it would.
I have had odd features like that happen with my pinegrow in the past, when I was hammering it and fooling around. missing panels, weird empty displays etc. But not for quite some time.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that if the html tag itself is messed up or missing then you end up with an empty tree view.



Hi Rob - yes, works without any trouble.

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oh good. And do you have your missing panels appear again? if you do, are they again gone when you open your own feeling a bit not right website up? if your site does break it, does it then appear again when you open Robs example? if your site constantly breaks the interface the pinegrow devs would probably like to see your files, so they can Andrew Proof Pinegrow a little better.
In which case, zip them up and send a message to @earnoud

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Hi schpengle, no, the missing panel is still… elsewhere :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!



@andrew so when you’ve my example open is your PG interface is working okay?



Oh - sorry, I thought you were asking if the example was working properly in the browser. (I didn’t read carefully)

[edit] hang on… ok, no difference:



you’re missing the tree view for some reason, I wonder if its got something to do with it!




Did you try to reinstall?



…oh! the suspense is killing me! we could be onto a BUG here!
serious stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

and now… Webhanger… like a cliff hanger, but not a bad bloody soap opera episode ending but something
FAR MORE INTRINSIC…to the fabric of reality.

sort of… if your a web fan I guess

THINKS… c’mon @Andrew, DID …you do… the re install… DID it fix it… DOES your site…break it again!

GAH! I have no finger nails left… I’ve chewed them off… the suspense is ELECTRIC I tell you!



When you experience issues with the interface, try to restore the workspace.

Reset workspace




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Grrrrr… PineHounds on the prowl for @Rob’s badCattitude!

ps, Im currently over on Slack! man that place has gone quiet…hardly anything been going on there since I was last there.

Glad I jumped ship to here now.
Ok, thats me stopping hijacking the thread topic… Schpengle Gagged and dragged off screaming, wrapped in a carpet… not a CATpet

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Tried it. Tried it.

Said it twice to meet the 20 character post minimum…

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