Guest Appearance of Passing Sloth

I have enjoyed my Techie Break, but nasty horse people and dog attacks have kept me busy.
My horse is now OFF STEROIDS! woo hoo.

Taken a year to the day, basically from nearly dead to fat as a cow and happy :slight_smile:

I have now collated a random pile of assorted hardware (some borrowed, not stolen yet) including a funky iMac, 2 windows computers a Phone… and have stated being a sort of improvised Carer for a friend whose Wife has done a runner during the Covid 19 thing and he has some health issues and limited mobility… and have had to collate a years worth of evidence for the RSPCA and police against t soon to be prosecuted Ex Horse Sanctuary…the police involvement of which is highly dubious and so… have also had to instigate a high level police complaints investigation! of their actions at divisional level!

All this left no time for this web malarky, along with my battered hardware, and my rapidly evaporating sense of humour and inability to actually get home due to caring for people and animals!

…as well as fixing tractors and fertiliser spreaders!

So, here we again for a bit.
Will be trying to fix some of this stuff up, and get some of this web stuff done as Ive a lot of stuff to go public with, but had to wait until the court case starts… this week!

Not left me much time to do anything web flavoured but now the mate I am helping has a lot of tech to play with.

SO hello again all… lets see how this goes then eh?

And please excuse all the weird licence activation’s and deletions as I faff around trying to figure out what actually works @matjaz

Bye for now :slight_smile: