Corona Roamer Home!....INTERNET!

Well, Hello everyone, I HAVE INTERNET!
at home again! … we shall see how well this goes, but
BT (uk telephone company and ISP) have allowed free UNLIMITED DATA on their accounts due to the Corona Virus and people being stuck indoors or whatever.

My friend has just set me up with such a device!
:slight_smile: So, as long as Corona is about, I might well be online!

Also, we have NO MOT tests on our vehicles at the mo (TÜV in Germany… other countries?.. er, lets start a database!) the annual vehicle test, which is GREAT as it started (6 months free that is) on March 30th.
Mine ran out on the 31st :smiley:

which meant I was able to Tax my vehicle (ARGH! THE PAIN!) with NO MOT… :slight_smile: (well actually a valid one as the last one is actually extended 6 months, making it an 18 month )

… now I need to Insure it this week :frowning: Lots more money.

But my lockdown consists of walking country tracks and waterways, fording a river and working with my horses for hours a day in total isolation, (apart from vile idiots in neighbouring fields) and walking back in the dark!

And so, after months of /nay YEARS of isolation, everyone else is catching up with me!
I was a trend setter all along.

SO! … this is me trying to see the positive of this wierd time we are in.

Im online, my vehicle is on the road for a bit longer and My horses are healthy and have new fly coats yesterday :slight_smile:

and I have my birthday very soon :wink:

so yeah!
Best wishes everyone.