Happy Thursday, from a Farm-happy horse pics to brighten your days :-)

Hello everyone!
And happy days from a farm :slight_smile:
Ive been hiding out for about a month and a half, looking after my sick horse.
Yesterday I moved the WiFi router in the farm to the other end of the building via a telephone line extension cable…today I have Internet in my MotorHome!

…but not good enough to let me upload a happy picture of a horse.
Oh! FINALLY, I managed to upload it! IM just on the edge of the range.
here you go :slight_smile:

So, I shall start to resume web stuff shortly :slight_smile: …maybe we need a Random category :slight_smile:


That one doesn’t look too sick. Except from having to lick a salty hand instead of a sugar cube, that is. Yuck! Hope they are all doing well.

All is well in Salty hand land, as I have now fed/handled/chopped/served sooooo many carrots to them that now

I am hoping to play with PG Snapshots later :slight_smile:
As well as Working on a website…

And laying blocks… but in a stable!

I’m dealing with a Mustang that has chronic laminitis flare-ups and COPD. Whee!!! Hope yours is doing better!

My animal rescue efforts are limited to cats. I commend anyone who takes on the challenge of larger species.

now… but it really really wasn’t good here for a while.
improving slowly…very, but
Purpurea Hemorragea…

not nice.

Damn! Uncool - how old is your horse? I’ve had mine for ~18 years and I’m guessing he was somewhere between 9-13 years when I got him. He was captured off land in Nevada and would have gone to slaughter. After some initial arguments he trained up to be a bullet-proof trail horse. He would ride over anything. Now he is a lawn ornament living out his retirement in peace. He is a little testy that we restrict his meadow area so much, but…

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well, the one with the hole in her neck has just turned 12

Previously Infected Stallion bite abscess

and my one that WAS A TANK… until a few months ago, just turned 7.

purpura hemorraga

oh the fun I’ve had… kind of why Ive been pretty quiet on here.
not left the farm in about 2 months! living in a motorhome and now
…my joints, knees and an ankle have packed in.

guess what?
Yep… PH is Zoonotic… do you think I can get any sense out of the Medical fraternity here?

so…watch out for this one yourself.


so now I cant walk properly , sit or stand up, both knees and an ankle taken out in a week and I thought I had shingles…

Ho ho ho… now the horse is improving…slowly, just ordered another TWO THOUSAND… steroid tablets!
Got her down from 100 x5mg a day
to 30!
but stuck at that, with weird things happening if I try reducing.
Her left eye swollen and closed up last week :frowning:
Better again now.

Expensive …field ornaments!
Strangely enough, I haven’t got to ride or drive either yet, and they need training, but man! I have a beautiful relationship with them both

OH and they moved the wifi router…I lost van connectivity.

Wow - good work with the mare - steroid tapering really does take forever. Are you getting any treatment for yourself? If you want to talk outside of this forum, drop me an email. There isn’t a lot I can do, but I’m at Yale University School of Medicine in the Pathology dpt. (non-practicing) I trained in virology, so I know ID fairly well, but focus on the research side. A Strep infection is way bad ju-ju.

Anyway, this is the 2nd horse, the one with the bloody face…
Summer :slight_smile:

She is rather cute, can be stroppy but is very loving, just had a really hard time with people before I found them I fear.
she is improving, but if you zoom, you will her swollen left eye.

So Yes! Cheers for the assistance @RobM, I have indeed messaged you with my feeble and somewhat drastic tapering scheme.

and… here are my girls in full PIKEY LAND mode…