Handcoding is faster?

Handcoding is faster than using Pinegrow? Question is what is the advantage of Pinegrow?

I don’t find hand coding to be faster than Pinegrow.

Really ? Good luck on that one.
I hope you can for instance, remember ALL the various BootStrap classes (if using BS of course :slight_smile: ) or Foundation (likewise) … and all the variables.

Also, try using PUG… in Pinegrow (personally, I cant :slight_smile: I try to use EMMETT which for some bizarre reason, isn’t supported BOOO … do you hear me Mr PineGrow Devs… BOOOO :p. )


unless maybe you already use some kind of snippet code saving apps etc, in which case, your not really JUST hand coding.

anyway, @nvim, your post is kind of click bait so , unless you have already read ALL of http://pinegrow.com,
you don’t actually know, and its up to you to find out for yourself and try it, not for us to educate you in the ways of the Pine :slight_smile:

Its all there. Give it a go. then (once. you have struggled through the jungle of the Pinegrow UI) and got to grips of it, you should see the vast open flatlands of Creativity open up and roll on before you to the horizon.
If you haven’t struggled in the jungle, don’t come to the former inhabitants and ask for example paths to nirvana,
Give it a go yourself first :slight_smile:

You might even surprise yourself :slight_smile:
How nice.
Oh. and happy nearly xmas :slight_smile:

Oh - I love giving this a try!

Handcoding is somehow faster, indeed. Assumed you’d set a background color, such as …

 .not-sure-how-to-name-this-class-yet {
background-color: #bada55

this is certainly quicker typed as seeking for color-wheel somewhere in the interface.

But why do apps like PG exist?

One thing I recently stumbled upon is, that there is a huge difference between production-code and prototyping. While the first is to be seen in terms of quality, the latter doesn’t mind much about class-names or the like. This reminded me on the outstanding advantages of Pinegrow simply creating atoms, molecules, organisms whatever - even in “inline-styles” turning them in robust code later. This saves me even apps especially created for this - I’m creating code, visually supported code to be pedant.

An actual use case of Pinegrow is getting a head around CSS Grid. I’d win any bet being faster in PG than in any other dev surrounding - promised.

Although I mentioned it earlier in some threads that Pinegrow makes Prototyping apps (XD or Sketch or the like) nearby redundant - this idea is certainly not coming from me. The entire article is by Jeremy Keith (this guy is awesome btw.) and can be found here:

Perhaps he’s doing us the favour once being in the house.



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Pinegrow should have a better internal editor and not rely on vscode or atom.

Right, and it should do your dishes and wash your laundry, too.

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Warning… Click Bait… Warning…

Interesting. I’ve been kind of missing the recent loss of an antagonistic member, but
It looks like we now have our first Troll.

Yay! A whole new world of "Spikey* for our members.
Nothing but honest Questions and Constructive Criticism from this one.
Me gotta likey :slight_smile:

…>I wonder if he’s friends with

You guys joined up within 2 weeks of each other.

But, having said all that.
RTFM is tedious, but really check it out @nvim, and video tutorials, and since your user name is nVIM,
Like the Unix text editor Vim, (or MacVim, if on a nicer OS) the concept of Pinegrow is that it ADDS, yes

ADDS to your web development ToolKit and you can LEVERAGE its time saving, visual approach to
CODING by using it ALONGSIDE… your already, favourite tools.

Like Vim, utilises the Unix Maxim,

Applications should do ONE THING and do it WELL

…why should a 3 man dev team COMPETE with the MICROSOFT UNLIMITED VSCode dev team in order to create a super text editor which does EVERYTHING (and is bloated, huge and overkill for what I need, or yes and SLOW (hello, SublimeText, Old friend, one day you MAY come in from the cold :wink: - just saying.)

…When they are spending their time developing a VISUAL tool? that does stuff VSCode, Atom,
And handles code and displays its respective format and layout, in a way that VSCode CANT.

They are mutually supportive.
They Help each other.

That’s the idea? you can use it with WHATEVER you like,
so NO FTP… as I guess you will notice that next.

BUT THERE ARE GREAT FREE options, to ADD to it, Yes, it would be nice to CLICK oh! site’s uploaded,
but I don’t expect my FTP software to create a visual layout of my code and syntax highlight my stuff
(Do you know of one?) so WHY should I expect my VISUALLY ASSISTED CODING TOOL to FTP my site?

And, just for the record, I don’t like VSCode, or Atom, but I can use other editor options, minus the plugins and just set stuff up to watch the files I’m working on, like live reload or suchlike, or editors that notice the source code has changed.

And, In file and Global, search and find and replace, as well factorising in Pinegrow would be fab but,
Hey! that’s not what PG is about, but is a rather large omission.
There ARE other tools that do this…

See? Like I said, ClickBait.

I clicked.
Damn, still I feel it was a well thought out presentation.

Lets Discuss :slight_smile:

ie, Microsoft Word needs a better Image editor with layers, like Photoshop

the quality of posters here are at a very low level. Need good answers. Please remove the trolls above.