Can I import a html page I created in pinegrow into my wordpress website?

I created a one page html in pinegrow, but can’t find out how to import it into my existing WP website. Also tried to create it through the pinegrow plugin, but it starts with creating a project with an index.html. Where or how do I do this? New with this.

Hi, reading this it was a little difficult for me to understand what exactly you are trying to do. Could you kindly provide more information about your project workflow and file structure?

Are you creating your own WordPress theme with PineGrow and having difficulty exporting your theme and applying it to your site?

Have you created a page in .html format and want to include it in an existing, third-party, theme?

Are you working on your own theme and want to create a page with a custom layout?

If you are new to WordPress, you can start by reading the official documentation on the file hierarchy of a WordPress theme to understand how a WordPress theme works. If you wish, you can also take a look at how the WooCommerce template is structured.

index.html is the default name that, by default, is assigned to the main page of your site. However, you can rename the file as you wish, appropriately depending on the context.

I recommend you check out Adam S. Lowe’s YouTube video in which he explains how to create a WordPress theme with PineGrow.

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