How do you recover from a pg-backup?

Hello Pinegrow,

I would like to know; how do you recover from a pg-backup file?
I find the history-feature vague as it only remembers my actions, not my files unless I’m mistaken.

So either remove the word “back-up file” or explain me how to use the back-ups, because otherwise I would suggest renaming them to “action-history file” so it’s clear what it’s for; historical undoing of actions, not backing up my files or work.

Saves you implementing feature you don’t have (yet), and me using GIT from the start next time :slight_smile:

Git is always a good idea! However, there should be backups for you to select from in your _pgbackup folder. You can see these from the Project panel:

You can actually open the files, but it isn’t that helpful because the pages still have a relative location and old name for the CSS - so no styling will be added to the page.
The other caveat, is that I don’t know of a way to really recover those files in the Project panel, you have to drop out to your File explorer to move the files out of the backup and into your main folder. Typically they are saved in triplets with the same time stamp/uid - one HTML file, the associated CSS file(s), and the json (don’t really need this one).

Just drag them to your project folder to recover.
I have to admit, it is a feature that I would like to see improved a bit. Maybe save them in grouped folders that could more easily be browsed and recovered. Overall, git is the way to go, and we could all stand to improve our skills!

I have a lot of love for Pinegrow and GIT is just a really good standard that I love too.

VScode has it built in which I often use for this, so I would rather integrate a “commit on save” feature on top of the regular save, that nicely pops up a modal with an input field for the commit message.


The plugin for VScode used to have a shortcut, CMD+P if I’m not mistaken, with which you could select the element in the PineGrow editor from VScode. What happened to that?

On Mac it is command+option+P. If you are on PC, right click the element. Should bring up a context menu that indicates the hot keys.

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