How to change default location of _pgbackup?

The root of my project is “/usr”. _pgbackup is located under usr – i.e., /usr/_pgbackup.

When I do a global search-and-replace within /usr and all subfolders using an external editor, I don’t want the files in _pgbackup to be changed. (My external editor doesn’t allow excluding files or folders during search-and-replace.) I can use a file manager to relocate _pgbackup out of /usr. However, as soon as I start Pinegrow it adds a new _pgbackup beneath /usr.

Hence, is there any way to change the default location of _pgbackup? ( I know that I can turn off _pgbackup but that’s not what I need.)

Pinegrow 7.2, Windows 10

Don C.

A partial solution –

  1. Before doing a global search-and-replace within /usr, backup /usr/_pgbackup to an alternate permanent location (outside of /usr).
  2. Delete /usr/_pgbackup