How to copy complete websites?

I am a newbie to this software, I signed up for the free trial today.

One thing I would like to do, is convert some of my wordpress websites into static ones. So basically I have a folder with all the files and images needed, that I can directly upload to a server.

Is there a tutorial, or some documentation explaining how to do this?

Hi @patxer. This isn’t something that PG does but there are applications that can make a local copy of the site (search google for website ripping software) for you or you could try this Wordpress plugin and see if it fits your needs Wordpress to HTML. I’d be interested in hearing how you get on if you do use the plugin as I’ve never tried it myself! Hope this is helpful. Or maybe this

I would also post your website here and we can offer feedback on the work involved in rebuilding the website via Pinegrow. Depending on your current level of experience/knowledge, you may find yourself learning more by creating the website from scratch with Pinegrow.

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