Static site generator

Is it possible to use Snapshots as static site generator?

Depends on what you mean. Snapshot can be used to “convert” a dynamic site - like one generated in React, to a static site. Snapshot cannot be used to generate a static site from scratch.

What I want is convert the whole WordPress site into static. So after converted, all the links will point to a local copy of pages.

Yeah, it would work for that.

@flim Maybe you can try this plugin as well:
I have tested it with a full ST2 install and it worked pretty well.

You have 3 choices:

  • Use absolute URL if you already know the domain that you will use
  • Use relative URLs
  • Save for offline use

Note: Of course, forms, shop and so on will not “work” anymore in the static version, whatever the solution.

Thank you. I thought the plugin no longer maintain, will check it out again. Form will not work as expected.

Hello Emmanuel,

Thanks, I will check the link and see if I can reach my goals in an easier way.

I will keep in mind the note.