WordPress to HTML Help needed


I have some 1-page mini-sites that I created before in WordPress when I was using Divi builder. I am trying to use WordPress only when there would be a real intention of having a blog, other than that I think static pages would perform better and use fewer resources.

My goal is to Convert those 1-page sites to HTML using Pinegrow.

I started downloading one of those sites using “save as a webpage-complete”, as mentioned in this Pinegrow tutorial “Edit remote websites and web applications”.

The main page HTML files would be enabled to load later in Pinegrow and looks good in the browser, but checking code in VSCode, the styles are embedded in the main-HTML, and the code inside looks very messy, I guess due to the same reason.

Is there anybody that has experience working on this reverse process of WordPress to HTML, that can advise a better method or point me to a different tutorial?

Hello @arpagrow
you should find a first hint here: Static site generator - #5 by Emmanuel

Hello Emmanuel,

I uploaded the plugin in WP, and generated the files that downloaded in a folder to my desktop, all the files seem to be there, even some CSS files in random folders, but the styles weren’t preserved.

Any workflow you have done with success creating the static pages with the plugin?


I don’t have a big experience with the process but as you can see, you can configure the output with 3 choices:

  • Use absolute URL if you already know the domain that you will use
  • Use relative URLs
  • Save for offline use

I tried the “Save for offline use” option and it went well with the editing in Pinegrow. Structure, content and CSS were there.

Whatever the choice, this is not an automagic & clean process. Depending on the WP theme, you will still have some work to do as there are possibly tons of useless scripts, css from divi … + the structure of the documents can be a bit weird, still because of the divi builder …

Yes, you are right,

I tried the save for offline use, and it didn’t work close either. I am aware that I will have to work on it to adjust the look and styles, but I wanted to minimize the effort as much as I could in the good sense.

I will try it with other of the minisites and see if it works better.

And you are right, the DIVI classes are a bunch of super long-phrase classes hard to tackle if you want to rename them.