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How to disable drag and drop?


When I edit files, the drag-and-drop feature is the source of more accidental errors than everything else combined. I disable it in every program I use. Is there a way to disable drag-and-drop in Pinegrow?



er no.

That is kind of what Pinegrow is all about.
it’s a visual, drag and drop editor of a pure code …thing.

So I don’t think there is currently a way to turn that feature off as its intrinsic to the whole thing.
I’m not sure what the appeal of PG would be if it didnt do that, or how much use /unique it would be compared to other things.

I;m not sure how much you have used PG or if you have seen m/any of the tutorials, but its usually recommended to drag the thing you want to a position on the tree, NOT on the page, if the layout is being weird.

You can precisely position it then.
This may help a bit maybe.

UPDATE, but, out of curiosity, how is it you actually wish to better use Pinegrow?
I see that you really want a nice table editor a la MS Expression Web, and the Draggy droppy thing messes you around, the way you have been using it, so what is it you actually use it for?
I mean how WOULD you like it to behave , or what is your usual workflow and what you are used too>?

And what are the current benefits of it to you over what you have been used too or were using. (and what were they out of Curiosity too?)


Why would you want to disable drag-and-drop in a drag-and-drop editor. That’s pretty much the entire reason for buying Pinegrow. Otherwise, you might as well just code your site in a text editor.


schpengle and Printninja, thanks for your responses. I realize that I asked the question very poorly. I like the drag-and-drop features in Pinegrow for the structure of the document, which is the main reason I started using it.

What I actually meant to ask is if I can disable drag-and-drop specifically for typing text, either if I am directly editing html code or if I am editing some text in design mode. My problem is that I often want to cut and past text, but my hands are a bit uncoordinated and sometimes after highlighting the text accidentally drag it to the wrong place.


AH ok, I see, so its more a sort of usability /accessibility issue. mmm and You have disabled it in the other apps you said. Well I’m not sure, tbh, I don’t know if you use the shortcut keys CTRL + C , CTRL+V on win (CMD on a Mac) (not sure on Linux, think the same as Win) ,or if that also presents a problem.

When I sometimes do when I am fooling around with lots of text moving is…open a different app! Like Notepad or TextEdit. and using Keyboard Shortcuts, Cut, and paste the bits into that in the order I want, or copy and paste (but I find this more confusing with more versions of the text I’m manipulating)

but …I’m not sure if this would work. I guess you have experienced this with the other apps too.
You could ask in the #feature-request channel, but tbh I’m not sure how the devs could implement this.
Just for you :slight_smile:

(although it IS. a new year! you should have asked just before Xmas and made a wish maybe? :slight_smile: )

I too sometimes mess up with Pinegrow, with text editing but that is USUALLY because there is a LITTLE BLUE BOX to do with editing the text of the object I was working on and - I didnt SEE IT.


And I am then staring and struggling wondering what has gone wrong.
My bad!


To move text, I typically select larger passages of text with the mouse followed by key commands CTRL+X, CTRL+C, CTRL+V.

I like your suggestion about manipulating the text in another program. I already do that. For html, I use Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code, both of which have color syntax highlighting.


Ok, Ive just done you a little Video.
Not sure if it will be helpful, but Its one of the things that confuses me with PG when I have been away for a while and then return to it (like now.)

This is highlighting the TWO DIFFERENT editing menu bars that appear when …editing! :slight_smile:
Either Text or the ELEMENT itself.
They often mess me about Or I them.

The audio is very low I’m afraid. But if you already know this then I shall delete this posting on your topic

here you go

in fact, no you don’t
the INCORRECT Automated data Nazi software in the Forum always says that my video uploads are too large. but are wrong.


says 30MB
when in fact this is JUST under 20MB


And I cant be fussed to start uploading to file sharing services at just gone midnight!
I hope the explanation helps about the TEXT edition mode, if not I will stick this up tmrw or someone might send you a link to the actual PG vid on that topic.

Oh, and Pinegrow now has an UNDO feature *like Ctrl +Z in most apps)
BUT BE WARNED! I Find it buggy (and others)

If you have MORE THAN ONE PAGE OPEN IN PINEGROW… you will get all sorts of weird behaviour.

Ie, if you have the HTML PAGE and the CSS page open (like everyone does) AND maybe some others.
Then when you click UNDO… it will undo ALL the pages, or some or …I can’t even work it out.
Ie, you change Content, then style it in a CSS sheet, then return to content , write some more, change your mind and click undo… WOOPS… there goes your styling too… maybe. … its random)

Also, have you used FOCUS ON Mode? In pinegrow?
Im not sure if this would help,
check out

its about the first topic. If you drag and drop with this MODE activated it only does top level elements on the page (again, NOT with regards text, as you have clarified, but It might be handy :slight_smile: I have never used it much really )