Learning Pinegrow and WordPress Full Site Editing


I’m relatively new to Pinegrow but have been working with WordPress for a long time.

Does anyone know of any up to date tutorials or courses for building an FSE theme with Pinegrow?


Hey Phil,
Pinegrow doesn’t directly support Full Site Editing since WordPress made some decisions which unnecessarily complicate a file-based theme workflow such as Pinegrow’s. Your best bet is to learn vanilla FSE, then use Pinegrow’s excellent block builder to supplement the core WP blocks wherever you need to. I made a short YouTube course on building block themes that might help.


Hey Adam,

Thanks. I’ll take a look at the course.

We’ve been using Oxygen, Motion.page abnd ACF for most of our recent builds and we love it, but I personally would prefer to be less reliant on Oxygen.

Thanks again


Hi Adam.
Thanks again. The course is excellent. Really helpful.
What I’m trying to figure out now is how I can now use Pinegrow to edit the FSE theme I’ve created and create and add blocks from Tailwind.

@Phil1 Pinegrow can help by creating a block plugin so you can use your custom blocks in your theme, but it doesn’t have any FSE theme helpers since they are a weird hybrid of database settings and files.