Does Pinegrow Pro add extra files when opening a HTML folder as Project?

I am using Pinegrow Pro and I already have a HTML template from a marketplace.

In order to edit the full HTML project, in the welcome window, I go to Open > Project > and here I would select the HTML folder (which also has a sub-folder with assets, and css, js subfolders as well).

1) Can you please advise if when opening a HTML folder as Project, does Pinegrow modify or add any other files than this one pinegrow.json and the _pgbackup folder?

2) can I just delete the .json file when editing the HTML inside Pinegrow? (I have done it before, but checking if it won’t break functionality)

PS: I don’t use Pinegrow for Master Pages or Components for the moment, I am aware of the HTML code tweaks when using these features.

Thank you!

Pinegrow will create a pinengrow.json file, the _pgbackup directory, and a _pginfo directory with fonts.json when it opens an existing folder as a project. When it creates a new project, it will also add a ./css/style.css file by default.

Enabling the design panel, Pinwgrow CMS, WordPress plugin, tailwind plugin, etc. will create some additional files needed to track project-wide properties that don’t belong in individual HTML files. Otherwise, all design-related stuff will stay in your HTML and CSS files.

So if i delete these files after editing visually the HTML code in Pinegrow, will it mean that it won’t break the HTML design right?

What I am trying to say is if I delete the file and directories created by Pinegrow AFTER editing the HTML in Pinegrow, I should still have a working HTML code that does not get 404s for resources ? (i.e. 404 for the json or 404 for the directories)

That’s correct. Those files are just for Pinegrow’s use. Any changes you make to the design are saved in the HTML and CSS just as if you were manually editing them.

beautiful, this is music to my ears or golden nuggets to my eyes :smiley:

Thank you!

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