HOW to install the Gecko engine in the Lunascape 6 (Orion)web browser

WHAT? Browser?

I hear you ask.
Yes, Me TOO!

I had never heard of it either,
It’s a Windows Browser (maybe why I’ve never heard of it)
BUT IT STILL RUNS ON XP and is updated and not only that

but it exists, and apparently has THREE ENGINES ,
for your delectation!

Trident (what? Oh, IE… before Edge) Webkit (Hi Apple!) and…>Gecko (mozzie) except it…didnt work

GECKO WOULD NOT INSTALL - to simulate the Firefox browser utilising its engine.
THIS is why I was installing it on the old windows XP machine so that it would SEEM like an up To date brewers to youtube AND play its html5 and h.264 or whatever file formats.
well Idid it :slight_smile:

TRY installing it and , well endless circles of some users doing 5 hours…others summing it up quite nicely,

it apparently has 20 million downloads… REALLY?

seen the forum?✓&query=unable+to+install+gecko


anyway I DID IT>

so as I cant be arsed to sign up their forum I am posting it here incase you guys want to check it out
or for it to leak out the the rest of the web and save people the pain.

SO I read what this guy Username Brandweerkoekelare ,did, he was SOOOO CLOSE!

where he says

The problem is that GeckoOnlineSetup.exe (on my Vista PC under C:\Program Files\Lunascape\Lunascape6\plugins{9BDD5314-20A6-4d98-AB30-8325A95771EE} ) tries to install the non-existent file GeckoSetup4590.exe from . There are a few GeckoSetup4590_.exe files available on that link, I tried downloading and running them (from my local Download folder on my C:), but Lunascape still complains that the Gecko plugin is not installed. I hope Lunascape can fix this!*


how to fix.

  1. goto

  2. download GeckoSetup4590_ml17_eu.exe

3.Rename it to GeckoSetup4590.exe (the missing file)

  1. copy it into the
    C:\Program Files\Lunascape\Lunascape6\plugins{9BDD5314-20A6-4d98-AB30-8325A95771EE}
    directory - where you will see a few files already mentioning gecko, including the GeckoOnlineSetup

  2. RUN THIS INSTALLER IN THIS DIRECTORY - it will fill it with all its files.
    you can delete the 64MB odd of installer after this if. you want or at least remove it.

  3. Start Lunascape Browser, pick url of your choice (I installed this on XP so my mate could STILL view Youtube vids with it) then in the address bar, immediately after the URL you will see Trident for the search engine, and a little drop down arrow, well CLICK THE ARROW and then… select Gecko!

It takes a while but LO!
Finally it works.!

it can now use 3 render engines in one browser that is UPDATED still apparently (even though the website of a 20 million downloads, and forum of 20 odd people only released the lates browser in 2018)

or …you could just still run Firefox 52.9.0, which will automatically be selected as the download, if you visit the official Firefox site…from an xp machine.

but…where is the challenge in that?

so, hope to give this damned xp machine away to a friend tomorrow and back to Mac !
oh and breaking pinegrow on Linux now too :slight_smile:

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thank you for this article - really helpful - I was able to follow all the steps and Luna starts now. My problem is with the certificates. Every site that I try to browse to reports an issue with the certificates. Do you have any advice where / how I can get a valid signed certificate for Windows XP and then install it into my Luna ?


So sorry for delay!
I did see this a little while ago,but have had no Internet!

I remember encountering this myself and will check out what I did

Helli @robbie70, i havent forgotten you, ive had no internet. On my mac, i set myself up as my own certifying authority and generated my own certificate. Have a google on it, let me know hkw it goes