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Place PineGrow icon in Ubuntu Launcher


After installing PG Pro in Ubuntu, The Launcher’s icon shows as a question mark. How do I get PineGrow’s icon to display?


Hi Randy, I’m not sure if you ever use the Search function of this forum, the Magnifying glass/Loupe symbol top right of the menu bar, next to your Avatar and the burger menu, but a lot of your questions may be answered that way. Give that a go too, as well as asking on here, or maybe before.

Its always worth a look and check out different ways of asking the question. I just tried a few ways and came up with these.

and this one, this is the one I used before when I installed mine on Linux.

now this link leads you too:

and the bit of this you want is here

Its part 6

and goes like this

6:) Type in terminal:

cd ~  
cd /opt  
sudo mkdir Pinegrow  
cd Pinegrow  
mv ~/Downloads/3.0 .  
Cd 3.0  
sudo nano Pinegrow.desktop  
Copy and paste code in the example file ( Same location shared on Google drive link ) into the Pinegrow.desktop file

[Desktop Entry]  
GenericName=HTML Editor  
Comment=Create Awesome Websites with Pinegrow  
Exec=sh -c "/opt/Pinegrow/3.0/PinegrowLibrary"  
*Make sure to not add it, but let it be the only lines in the file

press CTRL+o to save file.

press Enter to save as default listed name (Pinegrow.desktop)

press CTRL+x on keyboard to exit and go back to command prompt

sudo mv Pinegrow.desktop /usr/share/applications    

Make sure you just do that in relation to what you have already done, the stuff before point 6 might well not be relevant to you, and change version numbers and location of your installed Pinegrow etc.

And, there didn’t USED to be an actual icon.svg file in the ubuntu installer.
IT might well be worth the Pinegrow Devs putting up some instruction for installing PineGrow on Linux and getting the quick launch icon to work. Or maybe I too have missed those docs :smiley:

I hope that helps and check out the search function, I check it out every now and again, I find some good stuff.

Also, our current docs don’t really show up A LOT of stuff.
SO ALWAYS check out the older docs.


Yes, you need to modify/create a launcher that references an icon saved on your system. However, I’d love to see a full installation from the developers that takes care of these things. I pay for other software tools on the Linux platform, such as PHPStorm, Sublime, Prepros, etc., and I don’t have to worry about this with the installer. It was a pain to initially setup, but the instructions that have been posted are good starting points.


Hey @randyrie, did you get this sorted after?

I have just had to do it now on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine.
its slightly different and the ICON IS STILL MISSING (yes, I’m looking at you, Pinegrow Devs :slight_smile: It would make life a BIT EASIER if it was there already.)

here is the icon
gah! I cant upload it on here, tried cheating and changing its file extension. no dice,
but basically, it needs to be a .xpm file extension for it to work here with Ubuntu - unless I am mistaken, I’m all ears for correction, this is Linux after all… always someone smarter (and with a bigger neckBeard) to point things out

and the lines a slightly different you type, they are here

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName[en_GB]=visual web editor
Comment[en_GB]=Create Awesome Websites with Pinegrow
Exec=sh -c "/opt/Pinegrow/5.2/PinegrowLibrary"

I have the name as Pinegrow5.2 as I have other versions installed too (of course! :slight_smile:
and HEY! who knows what the future will bring :slight_smile:

I may actually have to go to the utter nuts ache of uploading the tiniest file in the history of computing…just so you can have the icon for the quick launcher.

I will try that now. But, it’s done , this still works in Ubuntu and I’ve just done it.
I have also seen the new PineGrow Docs on installing it on Ubuntu, will have a look at that again now too. but as usual, its now 01.15… sigh and I’m just warming up! :slight_smile:

ok , so here is the little jpeg image , I used for the launcher in



and you need to create a pinegrow.xpm file from that… as I can’t be a*sed to go through the upload rigmarole on un unfamiliar Linux box at nearly 2am.

so if you havent made one by tmrw I’ll create one and stick the download link on here for you. unless anyone else beats me to it. No worries if you do! :slight_smile:
Everyone will love you forever then (well, in linux land)

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I’ve made a PineGrow.xpm icon but this forum does not allow the upload of a xpm extension. So if anyone wants/needs one, leave your email address here and I’ll forward it to you via email.


excellent! I was gong to do that and …forgot!
you might very well stick it up on a download site or google drive if you have one to share.