Viewing in Webbrowser with Node.js package

I attempted to view a page in my web browser and found I had to install the Node.js package. I am running Ubuntu 20.04 with KDE Plasma 5.18.8 as a guest in Oracle VirtualBox - Linux.

I went to the website Index of /download/ but there are “MANY” choices to down load. Which do I download to install???

There is not enough information on your information page (Live preview on any device or browser with Browsersync | Pinegrow Web Editor) to help get the download before using a command line to install. [I am new to Ubuntu and use to Opensuse with Yast].


I have resolved this. It turns out that NodeJS is in the Ubuntu repository. Installation was basic with:

 sudo apt install nodejs npm

I share this as the Pinegrow webpage was not clear on installation of nodejs and npm.

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Hello Richard,

The installation of nodejs & npm is a prerequisite for the installation of Browsersync.
Tutorials depending on the host operating system are available on the web, like this one:

Note that using Browsersync to preview your content is not mandatory, you can also use the standard mode.

Best regards.

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