How to register a custom post type using Pinegrow in a plugin

Hey there,

I was wondering how one registers a custom post type using the new Wordpress plugin feature (exporting the project as a plugin rather than a theme) as I tried doing it the way I would do it in a theme (by just including the post loop action and using the option to register a post type) but that doesn’t seem to work. Is there something I’m missing?

Hi @Roel,
I have to look into this a bit.

The plugin feature is currently particularly oriented towards the Gutenberg blocks feature. imho, you should define your theme custom post types from the index theme template.

Ok, thanks for the info.
The reason why I asked is because I’m trying to recreate a laptop reservation app I once made in Microsoft PowerApps in WordPress. It seemed best to include it into the from of a plugin, rather than a theme. The use case requires a custom post type to be created where the data if each “laptop” is stored (and is user editable). But it that isn’t possible, I suppose I’ll switch it to a theme as it is only a hobby project after all.


It appears to be working now (as part of the plugin), my bad…sorry