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HTML 5 Blocks and Snippet


Hi Everyone,

I’ve created this small plugin so that you can easily save your own created blocks of HTML5 or Bootstrap into a template and can reload them when and where It’s necessary.

NOTE: It’s a PAID plugin though.

Thank You!



Curious, do you have a price point in mind for how much you plan to sell it for?


It will be finalized after v3 launched of PG


Yes I read that on the Youtube page. However you haven’t as of yet decided upon a cost amount that you will charge for it?


I’ve not yet finalized or decided the price of it.


Looks great!
One question about the blocks,we are not allowed to sell on marketplaces if we use the pinegrow blocks.
How about your blocks are there any weird license things that does not allow us to sell themes using your blocks on marketplaces?


Blocks I already added are from free resources so you can use them and also you can add your own as well easily just copy/pasting HTML/CSS/JS in corresponding files.

Thank You!

Components & Blocks -- Automation , Available as Library , Sharing

Hi Leo, Thanks for responding. I will keep an eye out for it’s official release then alongside Pinegrow v3. Looking forward to hear and understand more about your plugin when you officially release, and launch its documentation, resources, etc.

For others interested and looking into it as well, I found this too be interesting:

Components & Blocks -- Automation , Available as Library , Sharing