HTTPS not pulling into Pinegrow

Just recently found out when pulling in my websites which I had recently changed to HTTPS because of Chrome and Firefox will now show your website as not secure and not good if your doing ecommerce. When I now pull in my websites that are HTTPS it doesn’t work and all I get is a white blank screen and on the right side pane if says html,chromewebdata.

I have reached out to support and never got a answer and this is a big issue and seems to be a bug in Pinegrow. I’m sure there are other people using this software puling in URL’s that are HTTPS like I do to modify code on their websites.

From what I know in settings it uses your local host - and port # 4000 and seems these parameters need to change but what are they to make the HTTPS sites to show in Pinegrow?

Where are you “pulling” in your websites from? A remote host?

What do you mean remote. My settings in Pinegrow is set to local host and using port 40000. You can pull in any http website into Pinegrow with those settings including mine before i added SSL certificates.

Chrome and Firefox are now making you comply using https especially if you have sites were your selling stuff or having someone add usernames and passwords.

It seems Pingrow port setting needs to be changed. Pinegrow is useless now pulling in https websites using the URL function.

No one seems to know the port # and I’m surprised no one else uses the url function