I could not make work my wordpressed web made with WEBFLOW

My name is Ruben and I’m from Uruguay, so my english is not pretty good.

Thanks for your help, I had some troubles importing template to Wordpress.
I have a website, www.librebiblioteca.com
The site is working, but I wanted to improve it, so I made a Template in WEBFLOW, then i converted it with PINEGROW to WORDPRESS and I uploaded it to my old website made with Wordpress.

I didnt edit any class, any id, nothing at all, i just converted the template…

But, the template doesnt work properly. Works just as an static web, as if it were just HTML and CSS, I can’t make it work as a Wordpress template, I can use no Wordpress function :frowning:

I don’t know if there is any problem when I converted the HTML wordpress to Wordpress.

There is someting else that i must do to make it work well?

Thanks for your help!
Best Regards,

If you are starting with a static html template you will need to include some Wordpress specific PHP. Have a look at this tutorial. It may help you. https://pinegrow.com/docs/wordpress/convert-html-to-wordpress-theme.html