Keeping maintenability: Wordpress theme Builder + Static Site Creators

In short, after we successfully convert a HTML template to a Wordpress template and publish it, how is the right approach to update the template?

Given I’m using Webflow (or Gatsby or Gridsome) or any other static site creators, if I update my layout and export it again, I guess I have to redo all the wordpress conversion again.

What have you done to solve this?

Adding and removing parts by hand? What about bloating css and other scripts?

Or am I missing any feature from Pinegrow?

Thank you

Hello, @RobM , I’ve seen you posted about the Purify plugin, maybe it could help me with this. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!

Hey @sirojuntle,
I would have to think about it a little, but I guess It would depend on the extent and type of changes being made. If you are making large changes, then yes, redoing the conversion is probably easiest. Not sure if the type of changes that you usually do can lend themselves to compartmentalization. If that is possible, then you can just change/convert template parts. Make sense? With regards to CSS bloat - just Purify! :slight_smile:
I hope/think that others who do a lot more WP then me can chime in on this.

@RobM well I guess I’m the other then :slight_smile:


If you create with other tools and just use Pinegrow to convert your templates into HTML, maybe your solution could be to choose Pinegrow Theme Converter instead?

With Pinegrow Theme Converter you keep editing the theme in your favorite design tool.
To update the WordPress theme, just export the HTML from your tool and re-run the instant theme conversion in Pinegrow Theme Converter. No need to add Smart actions again.

Pinegrow Theme Converter stores Smart actions in a separate file - not in your HTML files - and knows how to add them back whenever the HTML changes.

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Thank you very much for answering. I have searched in forum about Tailwind CSS and I noticed you commented in that post too, so I guessed you have a closer knowlodge to what i have thought about.

Wow! That’s conceptually exactly what I was looking for.

I was not aware of this another tool from Pinegrow as you have noticed. I will definetely have a closer look into it!

I’m currently in love/hate relationship with wordpress right now, I hope it solve everything!

Thank you!