I made a rather elaborate E-Commerce Store page

It full of bootstap blocks and a ton of css customizations I have not yet added the enque functions for css and java but they exist in the head for now and it is a semi working theme upon export. I am using a collapsable side nave section that I would like to eventually have a a place for custom menus and possibly widgets. I am theming this for marketpress by mpmudev and doing it with no documentation provided. They will only accept support ticket questions. Kind of frustrating.

I am having an issue with defining the site name in in a brand location, specifically I am getting this error when i try to import wp html to test it:

Site url is correctly set on the WordPress site action on the body of the master page index.html.

I created a public gist at https://gist.github.com/devloprs

Because of the tricky nature of the collapsible sidebar, I am not sure how to properly set up the main content the body and this site url the error speaks of.

I could also use a little direction as to how to set the sidebar up as a menu location and a widget area.