Import WP content does nothing

Some releases ago, I used to be able to grab WP html from within Pinegrow, so I know it did work. This time around (it’s been a while since I worked on a WP theme) I have not been able to get it to work at all. I started with ST2 as a base, which I discovered used an older form of storing WP settings. Once I converted so that it used the .json file, I feel that I’m closer, but still not working.

I think I have the preview URL set up properly as I can get a preview floating window (see attached screenshot)

However, clicking on Import WP content does nothing that I can see.Right clicking on an element I get messages that it is loading the page and importing WP content (that part is from my memory, may not be exact) but nothing changes.

As I am using a php template which assigns extra css classes It’s very hard to make progress because it’s difficult to keep the html in sync. Currently I am copying html manually from the Chrome development panel, and this is quite error prone, and tedious.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong, or is anyone else having problems? (I have seen the Apr18 post, whic has had no response that can help me.)

Many Thanks


Hi David,

Depending on the type of smart actions but also depending of the wordPress content, Import from WP may not be 100% reliable. There are workarounds like adding the extra classes through an external stylesheet during the dev phase.

My single.html has practically no code, it’s all in the included php. Rather than fuss with copying the content into it, and trying not to break the WP generation, I’m thinking I’ll just make a complete copy of the live generated html, call it single-sample.html (or whatever) mark it do not export, and do the styling and grid debugging on that, using, as you say, the existing external stylesheets.

Shame it doesn’t work, but at least now I don’t have to keep trying to find out what i’m doing wrong. Thanks for the quick response.


This is a very good “workflow” idea!