Informational Quick Message Popups Duration

Hello PG Team,

I wish there were a way to set the Quick messages popup duration (i.e. how long do they remain visible).
I really like seeing them for confirmation as I work and wouldn’t mind at all if they’d stay visible until I move the mouse like Tool Tips behavior does.

I find them very informative like Tool Tips as I save or encounter errors throughout my workflow but I often notice when there’s several appearing at once they’re dismissed before I can break focus and lookup to read them all, this happens often in my case at an blink of an eye speed.

Am I overlooking a hidden notifications log or setting?

Thanks for your consideration, Pinegrow Pro WP is fast becoming my all-in-one web authoring studio.

Hi @C_p_H
I was all ready to let you know where the setting was to turn the warnings off! Most people don’t want them at all. There is not a log or way to make them show for longer, but the ones that only show briefly are more informative, like “Save was successful”. Any warnings or errors persist for a longer time or need dismissal.

We are glad you are enjoying the product.


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