You know those little blue tabs?

It would be great if you could “esc” or something to toggle their visibility while working.

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and please get rid of " A tip"

Maybe add a box “I don’t need anymore tips” :yum:

@Jack Where do you see this?

Btw @pinegrow team I get the message :smiley: :grinning:

Blue tabs, that appear above every item?

Tips: Perhaps a toggle could be added into the “Support > Settings” to show / hide the tooltips (in app help suggestions) if users desire. So you can turn them on and off.

@Jack I thought you meant a tip, e.g. leave some money for your waiter type tip :joy:

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Well @Rob - my tip for the Pinegrow developers is I held back from purchasing additional licences (topping up) when they had the black friday sale - because I’m a generous man, so I’ll only update my pro licence at normal price.

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