Interface Customization

With multi-window / multi monitor being discussed and how to go about it. Something to consider that goes along those lines is being able to customize the panels, create new panels and drag and drop individual control icons into new windows, custom panels.

I like the ability Notepad++ gives you via a plugin that allows you to customize the menu bars and menu items of it’s interface. Tried uploading an image but the forum wouldn’t accept it.

Here is a video qued up of a paint program that allows dynamic customization of it’s interface to give you an idea of how UI customization can look like.

If you look at the Custom Panels a little further in from this point you will see what I am talking about with creating custom panels / windows.


That kind of customization is superb. Given that PG is a web app itself, it should be within reason to achieve this.

I’m specialy concerned not being able to change font-size :nerd_face: