Multi-screen support

Supporting multiple screens has been the top requested feature for a while now.

Unfortunately, we were unable to implement it so far. Having a seamless UI that can span multiple windows is difficult to do due to the fact that Pinegrow is not a native Mac/Windows app.

The closest we came to during internal prototypes was having the possibility to float individual page views in separate windows. That allows setups like having UI with panels in one window (on one screen) and one or more page views in separate windows, on same or other screens.

How helpful would that be?

How would you use the actual multi-windows/screen feature if it would be available?

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That sounds much like the way GIMP operates on the Mac, or at least the way its UI used to work. I found that totally alien at first, coming from windows to Mac, but got used to it even though I preferred the all in one approach as I knew EXACTLY where everything would be.

I should think that as long as it came (if possible) with an easy to use/instant access window/panel manager or simple/user created system of shortcuts that allowed you to flip between Pinegrow PANELS/ and/or, Pinegrow SCREENS - and if PANEL positions could be remembered, that would be fantastic!

Even if you had to click between windows (and screens) people would complain about the inconvenience of this but HEY! you still end up with MORE SCREEN REAL ESTATE.

I just use my old 17" MacBook Pro, so I have one screen.
If Pinegrow could do this, I would actually use a second screen!
I don’t bother with this for any other app.

when paired with Atom or VSCode , with everything in dark UI mode it can be pretty confusing for me sometimes - without the other apps I am using at any given time, so
Alt+Tab are my saviours to flip between apps.

SO with this shortcut to do that to flip between APPS,if there were then other shortcuts to flip between PANELS within Pinegrow, which then allowed me to Alt+Tab back to the browser/file browsers/FTP APPS etc, I should think that you would be onto a serious winner.

But I am so terribly easy to please… providing everything is done MY way :slight_smile:

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What about being able to float any pallets on a second screen - to disconnect them so to speak and float them over - you did this I recall somewhere in the V2 of PG with the code editing screen


Page views on separate monitors would not do much for me, since it’s not having multiple views open that I find clogs the work area. Rather, I’d like to see the ability to move the panels on to other screens, like you can do with Adobe software. At a minimum, it would be nice to just get the code view, and maybe the tree view, out of the main window.

Ok, so from the two options which one would be more useful?

A) Have floating panels in separate windows
B) Have floating page views in separate windows

Thanks for the input!

To me having the panels/pallets floating on one monitor and the actual page that I am working on on another


Definitely the panels. The largest two… the Tree view and the code view ideally. For what it’s worth, this is an image of how I have PG set up on my system right now. I have 3 monitors, and I use PG on the center monitor, and extend the window across to my left monitor so the tree and the library panels are on one screen, and everything else is on the main screen.

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Wow - impressive workspace @Printninja . And behind your time, you’re an air-traffic controller?

But what I really wanted to say is, that your basic arrangement of panels is nearby exactly the same as my personal preferences (on one 27" screen). There’s only one small difference:

I’m sticking properties and styles together - such as so:

Or in other words: All to the left is HTML (Content and structure), all to the right is CSS (Appearance and design).

So as a side-aspect to this main topic here and to all trying to bridge the time until this feature will be inbuilt and ready to run:

Organise yourself - as @Printninja already did.



There are already “floating panels” in Pinegrow, they only couldn’t cross the borders of the (current) window workspace. It would be ideal if that could be possible, and move floating panels to separate/other monitor(s).

That seems to be “option A”.

Does that indeed mean (what I assume) that every floating panel can be moved individually (to another screen), or do we get one extra window(space) where we can put/place them (all) in…??

  • Moved individually = can be placed on any screen (some people have more than 2 screens)
  • One extra window = can be placed only (all combined) on ONE extra screenspace (which also not have to be bad, because 2 screens is more/better than one).

Maybe you can clarify that.

Is this “Multi-Screen” solution going to replace the current “docking” panels, or will that be retained and still be possible. It would be fantastic to have them both, and be able to choose/switch between a “docked panels” configuration and a “Multi-Screen” floating panels configuration.

Thanks again for looking into this and exploring what is possible!

My current thinking is that we could have floating panels (or groups of panels) floating in separate windows. Just like we have now for floating panels, but in separate windows. The rest of the UI would stay as it is.


That would be a golden solution (for me)! :hearts:
Thanks for clarifying that.

Lol… I had a single monitor for the longest time, and then one day, one of my spare computer systems died, so I moved that monitor to my main system (since the video card had dual monitor capability) and I was multi-monitor hooked. Then, I bought a USB box to add a third monitor.

If I could, I’d have four curved 27" monitors, but at the moment I don’t have the desk space. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Interesting - was just thinking about this, but came to the forum with a different question… then saw this!

I’d use it exactly like I use my Adobe CC setup - when on two monitors, I save a workspace that has most palettes on my 2nd monitor.

It would be GREAT to be able to put different device views on separate screens, too (wishlist: at different scales) so I could load a monitor up with a few different screen sizes including desktop, iPad, iPhone, etc. without having to worry about the space needed for code and palettes.


@matjaz - that would be outstanding! Please proceed :grinning:

ok, I now have to concede, I am totally confused but what is coming!
panels, plates, windows, tiles.

…no clue!
just go wild and Beta test me up baby!

Lot of confusion on what is meant. How about releasing a test beta. It doesn’t have to be a full Pinegrow version or bug free. All it needs to be is a semi working version of the UI. This way we can see the separate panels in separate windows, how things flow and how they work. We can better decide on whether it is a working solution and what solutions

hey, @Printninja, I just came across this from May last year … earlier, Im not sure

So do you work more at night now, or have you redecorated? :slight_smile:

I might try and set up a 2nd screen …just in case, you know… just saying…

Wow, time flies! I see that from then to now, I’ve stretched the PG window further to the left, so the tree view is on the second monitor, and I moved on set of panels to the left side of the working window. When I’m really doing heavy coding, like photo galleries, I often have Atom open on my right monitor.

Day… night… I barely notice the difference. :crazy_face:

yah funny thing is, that is the layout of panels, panes, windows…whatever they may be called in the multilane version too. and I noticed that @Thomas has the same as well.
I guess all paths to perfection lead up the same road.

Well, I don’t know about “perfection.” :yum: I’m just an old hacker pretending to build websites for a living. But thanks :wink: