Is an integration of pinegrow with Framework 7 possible in the future?

I was wondering whether it would be feasible to have framework 7 integrated in pinegrow in a similar way that bootstrap and foundation are integrated now.

Framework 7 seems like a very user friendly “native” UI framework for hybrid apps.
I haven’t used it yet but of all the modern frameworks it seems to fit my needs the best. At least at first glance. (I plan on maybe combining it with phonegap)

As Pinegrow has become an integral part of my workflow it would be super nice if it could be integrated into the UI. Is any such feature possible, planned or does a plugin already exist for it?

Hi there @Roel, you could try and ask/list it in the #feature-request channel on here too.
but it was last requested… a little over a year ago.


and there is some advice there with regards using unsupported frameworks and Pinegrow.

So, the devs may not rush off their feet do do immediately.
BUT… who knows what the next versions will have :wink:

Hey @schpengle thanks for the quick reply. I have found out that ratchet, another web app framework, already has a plugin for pinegrow. And while it seems less capable than framework 7, I think I’ll settle on it for the time being :slight_smile: .