Need Form information


I am using Pinegrow to help design/implement pages that will be used with Angular (7+) and Spring Boot applications. In order to do this properly, I will need to create and properly lay out a number of forms.

I am seeing, on the Internet and on the Pinegrow site, plenty of tutorials on the creation of contact forms – primarily for Wordpress (which does not work so well with either Angular or Spring Boot, hence my lack of interest in it). I have been unable to find information on how to make more generic forms with Pinegrow and (more importantly) how to use frameworks other than Wordpress to create such forms.

Can someone point me to information (preferably tutorials but any documentation is better than none!) on form creation with things like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Materialize? Anything using Tailwind would be good, too…

Hi @factor3,
So, in general, any form being presented by HTML is the same, whether for WordPress or any other “framework”. What typically differs is how the data is handled. For both Spring Boot and Angular, there is a lot of data/variables overlay onto the HTML, as well as integration of data routing.

There aren’t a lot of extra controls for Angular in Pinegrow, and none for Spring Boot, but most tutorials for these two frameworks will present just fine in Pinegrow. Since you don’t have any associated back-end, they won’t be fully functional. But, for example, this tutorial works pretty well on Pinegrow: Angular. As does the presentation of the form in this Spring Boot tutorial: Getting Started | Handling Form Submission
Overall, Pinegrow is pretty good right now for putting together the HTML/XML components of your project. However, putting the JavaScript portions of your project together and serving it all up either is easier or only possible with additional tools.