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Is it possible to add wordpress actions to elements generated at runtime?


I have a few elements that are rendered with javascript on my page which become regular DOM elements when viewed in the browser. Problem is, I can’t select them in order to add wordpress actions to it. Is there a way around this?


Hi Roel,

have you turned javascript on in Pinegrow? For me, that did the trick. It’s a button on top in the middle.

For me it even works when I change something in the DOM with an onclick=“myfunction()” and such. Although I’m now more working with the WordPress side of Pinegrow.


Yes, it is turned on. To be more specific about what I’m doing, I’m rendering a bodymovin/lottie web animation (as I understand it, lottie web by airbnb is a javascript “rendering engine” that renders after effects animations exported to JSON format with the bodymovin plugin).