Is it possible to Undo Edits in the text editor which contains the html page in PineGrow 3?

Is there a way to undo any edits done on pinegrow 3?. When I got to Page --> Edit Code. A text editor comes up and allows you to change any existing code. Unfortunately, Ctrl+Z is not undoing anything. I am getting a notification “Nothing to UNDO”.

Any help is appreciated.

Checked this out. I’m getting the same message. Playing around with it by adding some code and then deleting some partials to create a syntax issue I get a message in an orange box that the changes have not been applied and if I want to apply them so I did to see if that updated the edit “buffers” with something to “undo” but it still comes back with the same “Nothing to Undo” message when you press Ctrl-Z.

Pressing CTRL-Z works in the object area however, not the code area. The editor doesn’t appear to have full editing functionality with shortcut keys at this time. Not sure what the dev’s have planned.



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Thank you for confirming :D. I hope the developers can add the needed functionality to facilitate automatic “undos” and “redos” of large portions of codes in the text editor.