Wordpress 6.2 inquiry about block based themes

Will Pinegrow be able to export Wordpress block based themes that can take advantage of Wordpress capabilities to use the new editor instead of the customizer? I like this new capability of being able to change the the global styles in the FSE.

I’m not sure what Pinegrow has in the pipeline, but I’ve used it two create a few Block themes and it’s worked pretty well.

The biggest gotcha is making sure your theme.json and css styles are aligned. You also have to factor in the element structure that the Site Editor uses. For example, the Site Editor defines the element, so you won’t want to include that in the block you create.

I’m fully moved to FSE themes. PG works great for me, the only thing to look out for is your templates will not automatically be exported to your WP theme (like index.html). You have to manually set them for export in the PG Dom Tree. -Best!

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