Is there a way to disable the scrollbar on the generated screenshot of the theme?

Hello. I am developing a site with a lot of content that does not completely fit into the Pingrow Theme Converter viewport, which is why a scrollbar appears. When I want to generate a skin for a theme (screenshot of the theme), the image is generated along with the scrollbar. Is there a way to disable the scrollbar in the generated screenshot?

To generate a screenshot, I use the following commands:

top menu → WordPress → Update theme screenshot

And then I click save (^ s) and Export the theme (^ w)

The scroll bar is also visible on the cover of the theme:

Hi @Catative,
Unfortunately, that feature is not built into the Pinegrow Theme Converter. As a workaround you could temporarily add a rule in your CSS:

body {
    overflow-y: hidden;

Then take the snapshot and remove the rule afterwards. Alternatively, you could use your browser to take the screenshot. Here is an interesting article about how one developer optimizes this for taking WordPress theme shots.
Sorry for the inconvenience,


Ok. Thanks for the quick response!

That is a GREAT resource you linked to there! thanks, really good process that chap does.