Pinegrow WP doesn't set the exported theme's screenshot.png

I created a theme in the Pinegrow WP Plugin, set the (properly sized and formatted) image via the project dashboard’s “set image” option, but it never creates the screenshot.png in the theme’s export directory.

Here is the theme directory with no screenshot.png to be found

I seem to remember from the beta that this is the way to set the screenshot using the plugin, but I can’t seem to make it work. I tried going back to older plugin versions as far as 1.01, but didn’t have any success with them either.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

(FWIW, when I import an existing project with a screenshot.png into Pinegrow WP the theme exports with the screenshot file in place. Again, however, uploading a new file to the project dashboard doesn’t export the new one)

Hi Adam,

Yes it is correct that it is not working correcty.

I uploaded a screenshot.jpg to the theme folder with WP File Manager. Can also use ftp of course. But it gets deleted when exporting the theme from the Pinegrow editor.

So i also added a screenshot.jpg to the project tab in the Pinegrow editor and that seems to keep my screenshot.jpg in place.



Hi Adam,

LOL! So i just checked and no it doesn’t work what i just said haha. I tested it and seemed to work fine but the screenshot.jpg in the Pinegrow editor is essentially an empty image since we can’t add an actual image there.

And now i just saw that going to Appearance > Themes it just shows an empty image:

So yeah… It would be nice if this gets fixed. @matjaz


Thanks for verifying that it wasn’t just me screwing something up… this time!

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Hi @adamslowe , @matjaz

Has this ever been fixed? Or is there another way to set the theme screenshot?