Is there a way to keep the pinegrow multiple screen windows maximized?

I am working with 3 monitors and it’s super annoying pinegrow minimize windows if i click on one of my other monitors.

I work a lot with pinegrow on 2 monitors and i have figma on the third.
Each time i click on the screen with figma to check values etc the second pinegrow window minimizes and it’s driving me nuts to have to maximize the window 50+ times on each design conversion.

Is it possible to force the secondary pinegrow window to not minimize?

yes I do agree. One always has to maximize again after focusing on another window on second or main screen. Should resume in maximized window when focusing again on Pinegrow window IMO.

I don’t remember encountering this issue before a couple of months, seemed to hv sneaked in last few minor versions.

Very true, its gives a bad user experience. Would be good to hv it fixed!

What OS are you each using? I’m on a muti-monitor Mac running 10.14.6. My windows don’t minimize when I switch focus, but they will be hidden behind other programs. When I click on the main window they all come to the front.

I am using windows 10.

I’m also on Windows 10

Hi Rob, the ask is to not hv the floating panel hidden… Im on MacOS Big Sur & PGv6. On my multi-monitor setup, I use Mac spaces, I have this setup:

Monitor1: Pinegrow main (space1.1), VS-code (space1.2)
Monitor2: Pinegrow floating panel (space 2.1)

Basically, when I switch from Pinegrow main to VS-code in monitor-1, the floating panel in my other monitor auto-hides… the ask is to not to auto-hide here… possible?

So, we can’t use VS-code & Pinegrow floating panel at the same time…


As mentioned in the related thread I just started, this is a major issue for me as well. I have a 3 monitor set up on Windows 10 and cannot use any other programs on the 3rd monitor (or even the 2nd monitor normally) without the workspace view minimizing and resetting on the 2nd monitor EVERY time I even click on anything in the 3rd monitor…including browser tabs I use for different BrowserSync views in Pinegrow, VS Code, Adobe, whatever I am using at the time…

An option to keep whatever screens are open in Pinegrow maximized is a necessary feature for me as I constantly need access to the programs on the third monitor while simultaneously using Pinegrow. To be frank, despite Pinegrow’s brilliance I have almost run out of patience resetting the workspace view 100+ times a day.

I wonder if you have additional issues on top of the auto-minimize of floating panel.

When you say you need to reset your workspace, are you saying you are getting some workspace error & you had to restart Pinegrow with default workspace & you had to re-choose your workspace…

As this is very visual, it would help if you are able to share a video of your setup and the issues you are facing wrt resetting your workspace