Is there a way to keep the pinegrow multiple screen windows maximized?

I am working with 3 monitors and it’s super annoying pinegrow minimize windows if i click on one of my other monitors.

I work a lot with pinegrow on 2 monitors and i have figma on the third.
Each time i click on the screen with figma to check values etc the second pinegrow window minimizes and it’s driving me nuts to have to maximize the window 50+ times on each design conversion.

Is it possible to force the secondary pinegrow window to not minimize?

yes I do agree. One always has to maximize again after focusing on another window on second or main screen. Should resume in maximized window when focusing again on Pinegrow window IMO.

I don’t remember encountering this issue before a couple of months, seemed to hv sneaked in last few minor versions.

Very true, its gives a bad user experience. Would be good to hv it fixed!

What OS are you each using? I’m on a muti-monitor Mac running 10.14.6. My windows don’t minimize when I switch focus, but they will be hidden behind other programs. When I click on the main window they all come to the front.

I am using windows 10.

I’m also on Windows 10