Workspace "Two Screens" - Tool window minimizes on multi-monitor setup (Windows 10)

When we choose a two-screen workspace setup where the tools panel has its own window, this window minimizes when I switch to any other window.

For example, I have the main Pinegrow window on External Monitor 1, the tools window on External Monitor 2, and I have VSCode on my laptop, Main Monitor. When I select VSCode on my laptop, the tools window on External Monitor 2 minimizes even though VSCode is not on the same monitor. As such, I am unable to work in VSCode while keeping the tools window visible.

Is it there a way to keep the tools window visible in this setup?

@steveninety this behavior is a result of how PG keeps floating tools windows always on top - as long as PG is active. Once you switch to another app, these windows are hidden. Otherwise they would continue to be displayed on the top of all other windows. Due to PG being a packaged web app, we are limited in accessing system APIs for manipulating windows and the current multi-win feature requires a lot of gymnastics under the hood.

So, at the moment, we can’t offer any solution for this.